Baca Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru Online

Baca Manga Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Chapter Terbaru – In an effort to make them run faster and fly higher, people began putting motors in rollerblades, and eventually AT’s (Air Trecks) was created. The Air Trek is a kind of inline skate, it is customized and has an engine. Ikki is a just boy who interested in AT from watching videos of his guardians (the sisters Noyamano), and from watching Simca practice everyday. Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Once he tried the AT’s (Air Trecks), he became addicted, and formed his own Stormrider team with his friend Onigiri and Kazu. They began entering AT battles, and excel. Spitfire, an experienced Stormrider, told Ikki a story of eight roads and eight kings, which is associated with AT.

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